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Callem is one of the best & largest strategic sales channel partners for ICT businesses in the MENA region. Leveraging technology with smart solutions and transforming businesses by increasing their market and revenue share has been our expertise. Callem is a key brand of Alpha Telecom Company Limited. Since inception in 2005 it has expanded drastically with presence in 7 countries with more than 80 clients / partners across the MENA region. The company has diversified and transformed under able leadership providing innovative technological solutions with turnover of SAR 1.93 bn annually. Incubating technology led initiatives and transforming them into profitable business ventures it is now the preferred sales channel partner with most of the Telecom Operators across the region. We venture in new ideas, innovation and converting them into commercially successful and revenue generating entities are the cornerstones to our success.

Callem strives to make everyday lives simpler by leveraging innovative and cost effective technological solutions

Our Vision

Germinate new ideas into profitable business ventures by leveraging technologically advanced solutions and investing in talented human assets.

Our Mission

Technology enabled Re-engineering of Businesses to make them efficient, effective, customer focused & profitable.

our values


Young and latest ideas with a focus on youth and those young at heart


Promotes dynamism and state of the Art infrastructure which differentiates us from our competition adding value to our brand


Reflects the fun and playful side of individuals and believes in sharing this fun

Our Management Team

Our Dynamic and Energetic CEO

Mr. Sultan Al Rajhi

CEO’s MESSAGE Greetings from Callem !!! Since we founded Callem in 2005, innovation and customer service has been at the core of who we are. We have been continuously adapting and redefining our vision in order to keep ahead of the market conditions as well as represent what that means for the years ahead. We started out with 70 plus own branded stores and service centers selling mobile handsets and accessories in 19 cities across Saudi Arabia. In 2006 we expanded our portfolio to support Mobily with 50+ fully branded outlets during their initial phase of growth in Saudi Arabia thereby heralding the change to partnering with Telecom Operators across the MENA region. We have accomplished a lot across the industry and our leading pace has always been attributed to our culture, with a profound sense of understanding that in order to improve the businesses of our partners, we must enhance our core working culture and make lives easier by leveraging technological advances that leap regularly. Historically we have witnessed technological disruptions that have wiped out whole industries. Operational flexibility, innovation, agility are what is required to keep pace with the day to day advance in technology today. In a global context, we are challenging the boundaries by investing in new business models and start-up talent, from e-commerce to futuristic applications to research with other equally innovative technologies which will be used daily in the future. Our regional footprint continues to grow and, on a regular basis, I am truly inspired by the talent that chooses to work with us in order to fulfill their dreams, both within the Callem family and in businesses we partner with. Our partners / clients come first identifying their necessities and desires is the driving force that pulls us towards our eagerness to deliver and achieve greatness.

Our Group COO


Our Group COO, Mr.Sivakumar reporting to our CEO, Mr.Sultan Al Rajhi is an eminent business professional endowed with great sagacity and an immense gift-edged experience. As a doyen of scrupulous planning and with all the charm and urbanity of a trained diplomat, Mr.Sivakumar is reinvigorating Callem by blazing a trail into the most evolving MENA market both in capacity and complexity. With his more intriguing ideas, constantly swishing around for quixotic plans, he is one in a few who can revamp, overhaul and spearhead any category of business. With a prognosis towards a pioneering growth for Callem, Mr.Siva aligned the company’s technical direction with the business objectives of our CEO, our revered business partners and our product executives. His marketing gumption led to the establishment of cutting-edge blue ocean strategies and green field projects with neoteric elegance that are modish at the moment. The COO’s immaculate driving force, resilience, tenacity and alacrity to cope with rejection endowed him to thrive remarkably both as an individual and as a part of a team. With his impressive people skills, dominant business acumen, exemplary work ethics and exceptional punctuality he steered his team to allegiance and excellence. He has made himself unusually accessible to his charges in order to help them comprehend and perceive his ambitious path. His rationality and steadfastness in creating, communicating and executing Callem’s vision, mission and objective is commendable. With an inscrutable motivation to augment the company’s economic statistics and a prudence to sharpen his dynamics and sales practices with authenticity, this key member of Callem family is not only drawing fresh strength from company’s heritage as a modest purveyor of International Telecommunications & Technology Solutions, but, is also poised for a long haul in promising beachheads to Callem in an array of business ventures with a new wave of advanced sophistication.

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